Mobile & Apps

These handheld bits of goodness serve to inform, entertain and connect on the go. More than simply responsive sites, each of these was specifically conceived and designed as a mobile experience.

AT&T | Edward Andrews Homes | Groupology


AT&T — My Funship App

This app was designed to keep cruisers connected during their vacation with everything from trip planning and excursion registration to keeping track of family and even ordering poolside cocktails. Here, branded for Carnival Cruise Lines, the white-labeled tool was intended to launch as a branded app for many potential partner cruise lines.

AT&T - Funship App


Edward Andrews Homes — Homebuyer Design Tools

These tablet-based tools help homebuyers understand their style, define important needs and wants for the home they will be designing and learn about the design process and terminology. The end result is better-informed buyers, which makes the design process go more smoothly, with fewer costly changes later in the process.

Edward Andrews Homes — Style QuizStyle Quiz

Edward Andrews Homes — HomeworkLifestyle Questionnaire

Edward Andrews Homes — Design ResourcesDesign Resource Center

Edward Andrews Homes — Sample ClosetSample Closet



Social networking meets productivity in an app that lets you stay connected and organized anywhere you go. I helped launch Groupology, developing marketing copy for six target-customized landing pages and the AppStore, as well as more functional pieces like emails and some of the in-app copy.