In a world where the majority of any brand’s content is usually consumed on one screen or another, it’s good to get back to the basics once in a while and savor a brand experience you can actually touch.

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Arcadia 2017 Lookbook

Bringing the indoors out has been a trend in home design for several years now. This outdoor living company has devised a beautiful and ingenious way to enjoy more of that outdoor time with adjustable louvered roof systems that can give you just the right amount of sun or shade and even protect your afternoon juice time from an afternoon shower. Their catalogue is their primary communications tool for both dealers and customers. For 2017, they wanted to bring the design up a notch to convey their position as a luxury product for homeowners and businesses looking to make the absolute most of their patio space.

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AT&T — The Company That Changed the World

What if AT&T could use its expertise and loyal customers to effect real change in the world outside the communications and entertainment realms? Instead of creating a pitch that showed how the program would work and what it would look like, we created a coffee table book that took a look back at the program’s achievements from a future perspective.

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Jackson EMC — JEMCO Newsletter

One of the main ways this power cooperative communicates with its 220,000 members is through its monthly newsletter. I lead the team that gave the publication a new, more modern look in 2016 and continues to produce each issue full of co-op news, energy efficiency tips and other pertinent info.

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This quarterly business magazine is on the pulse of career life in the greater Richmond, Virginia, area. As a department editor, I contributed articles on the companies and individuals in the advertising and media industries there who were making names for themselves both locally and nationally. See my articles from July 2005October 2005January 2006 and April 2006.

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