Sometimes the best way to tell a story is with good old-fashioned video. For both live action and animation projects, I’ve had a hand in practically every part of the process from start to finish.

AT&T Michigan Avenue | AT&T Kiosk | Carnival Cruise Lines |Edward Andrews Homes Design Center | Edward Andrews Homes ValueSouthwest Airlines


AT&T — Michigan Avenue Flagship Store

After you do the work, you always gotta promote the work, right? I scripted and oversaw editing of several cuts of this sizzle reel used to show off this signature project.


AT&T — Windows Phone Kiosk

For the first Windows phone launch, AT&T created what we lovingly called the Big-Ass Phone for its in-store displays. My team concepted and created the interactive content for this giant phone-shaped kiosk, which helped customers learn about how AT&T’s key apps would look and work on this new device. An interactive main screen drove to videos about Navigator, Radio, myWireless and Family Map. Each highlighted features and functions in a quick story that brought to life the experience of a fictional user.


Carnival Cruise Lines — Funship Island

Heading to Miami to shoot on a cruise ship isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. But after an early call time and a long day, we had all the shots we needed to construct the WaterWorks and Serenity Pool portions of this video-based site. I was involved in everything from scripting to casting and wardrobe.


Edward Andrews Homes — Design Center

After helping our client design their new design center and the homebuyer experience within it, we created this video for their website to let homebuyers know what to expect. Co-wrote, co-directed and gave my daughter her small-screen debut as part of casting.


Edward Andrews Homes — The Edward Andrews Experience

In order to help homebuyers understand the true value of the custom homebuilding experience, we created this animated explanation of why the Edward Andrews experience is truly different.


Southwest Airlines — Slam Dunk Sweeps

Who doesn’t want to fly into a January ice storm in Allentown, Pennsylvania for a shoot? When the experience includes meeting and directing basketball legend, Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins . . . it’s totally worth it. Anything for the video intro to this sweepstakes site, which I scripted and directed.