As part of Super Bowl XLVIII partnership with CNET and that provided two venues in which to host launch events and experiences, BlackBerry had an opportunity to make a big splash at the big game and build some buzz. We presented two big ideas that built on what they had already planned. Both incorporated touchscreen and mobile experiences that would help fans get the most out of the game and New Orleans.


LET THE GOOD TIMES FLOW — The idea was to bring together the party atmosphere, passion for football and pure entertainment with both live and digital experiences that would build excitement for BlackBerry’s latest and greatest offering . . . BlackBerry® 10, featuring Flow technology.



KEEP MOVING — We wanted to embrace all that New Orleans and the new BlackBerry® 10 experience had to offer and encourage people to Keep Moving to the next big moment. We planned to tout the parties, promote the events and show people a good time in a way that builds even more excitement around the launch of the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented . . . BlackBerry® 10.