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Writers gonna write. Right? While this site features a multitude of case studies that highlight big thinking, strategy and beautiful executions that include both copy and design, I also regularly tackle a lot of the nuts-and-bolts stuff that writers usually do. Long form is particularly hard to represent in a pretty portfolio. So, if you’re looking for that, here you go! Check out the files below for blog posts, press releases and editorial content I’ve produced for clients. Then you can check out Peaches & Poppycock, my personal blog, where you’ll see I can definitely string some words together to tell the stories that make my life part nice and part nonsense.

Blog Posts

During my tenure at Yalo, I wrote the bulk of the company’s blog content and edited all contributions from colleagues. These samples include some of that work, as well as posts written for clients. And as a bonus, this collection also includes the Blogging Best Practices I wrote to guide contributor content.

View PDF: Includes posts on Marketing, Tech and Finance

Press Releases

While at Yalo, I also wrote all press releases for the company, as well as many for one of our tech clients, OpenConnect.

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While I was the MediaWorks department editor for WORKMAGAZINE for just over a year, I researched, interviewed for and wrote a collection of articles about media and marketing in Richmond, Virginia.

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