Promotions, price points and product launches . . . oh my! Hardworking digital campaigns are staples in any brand’s arsenal of tools to spread the word about their wares. These are just a few of the ones I’ve worked on over the years.

AT&T | Carnival Cruise Lines Goodyear | MetalogixSouthwest Airlines | U.S. Air Force


From DSL and High-speed Internet to U-verse, I led a team that developed digital ads for all of it under a multi-million dollar retainer. Our work pushed the boundaries of then-new brand guidelines to bring a fresh take to the work.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Whether your idea of fun includes family activities, rekindling romance or just kicking back for some R&R, a Carnival cruise can serve up the fun vacation you’re looking for. I helped promote the cruise line online through a variety of banner campaigns and landing pages.



A simple summer promotion for the Goodyear Credit Card offered a great deal via email, banner ads, postcards and a YouTube pre-roll.


This software client wanted to leverage sponsored whitepaper content about data security to interest new European prospects in its services. With the summer holiday on the horizon, they needed to make a quick impression or lose an entire month of relationship building, but also didn’t want to turn up the pressure so high that their prospects were turned off.  My team created a memorable campaign designed convey that the prospects could relax while on vacation because Metalogix had the answer to data security issues they’d need to solve when they returned.

Each prospect received a mailer fastened with a padlock to bring home the security message. Inside the box was a logo-embroidered towel and Polaroid Snap to enjoy while on holiday. A series of personal emails from sales reps and a personalized landing page ensured that Metalogix remained top of mind before and after the summer break, but without a hard sell to schedule a call until after. Our client successfully engaged C-level executives that had not responded to previous outreach attempts both at existing and new accounts. The response to the European mailer was so positive that a second round of the mailers was created for North America and targeted at a larger audience.

Southwest Airlines

Fare deals and new route announcements were staples of the campaign work I did for this discount airline. These two broader campaigns went to the next level, sparking a movement against airline fees and allowing me to do a shoot with NBA great, Chocolate Thunder.

U.S. Air Force

This recruiting campaign for the 139th Airlift Wing encapsulated all the reasons for joining into the idea that you can Be A Part of Something Bigger. Executions included TV, Radio, social, brochure, newspaper, billboard and swag.