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Everybody loves a good story. When brands can hook their audiences with compelling content that engages and entertains before it sells and builds loyalty by building trust, there’s always a happy ending.

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AT&T — Rethink Possible Magazine

How do you build a new AT&T community and platform that people will pay attention to and want to be a part of? Create a curated digital publication and social community that showcases ordinary people around America doing creative things through the power of the AT&T wireless network. We called it RPM (Rethink Possible Magazine). The magazine’s engaging, emotive content — featuring video vignettes of smartphone users who are rethinking life — invites the audience to engage and share how their phones have made their lives smarter. This spec issue featured Rattletrap ATL Street Coffee, who has just that sort of story.

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Orkin Man Lab Notes

Unlikely as it may seem, Orkin loves bugs. And they know lots of you out there do too. I helped develop the content marketing strategy, calendar and creative this pest control giant currently uses to connect with folks who find these amazing critters as interesting as they do. Monthly blog content across a variety of topics and formats is repurposed for social media and shared on a schedule that gives it relevance within each season and a corresponding consumer mindset.


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