Environments & Experiences

Some of the most fun I’ve had in my career is creating experiences that live beyond a screen. These digital-to-physical experiences, live events and environmental design projects brought brands to life in unique ways.

AT&T Store | AT&T Kiosk | BlackBerry Super Bowl | Edward Andrews Homes Design Center | Metalogix at MS Ignite | Nypro HQ Lobby


AT&T — Michigan Avenue Flagship Store

This 10,000 square-foot brand showcase was designed to surprise, delight and invite customers to Rethink Possible. My team concepted and created content for over 100 screens, ranging from a Kinect game to ambient video to interactive kiosks where visitors could explore AT&T products from phones to connected home and car experiences.

AT&T — Windows Phone Kiosk

For the first Windows phone launch, AT&T created what we lovingly called the Big-Ass Phone for its in-store displays. My team concepted and created the interactive content for this giant phone-shaped kiosk, which helped customers learn about how AT&T’s key apps would look and work on this new device. An interactive main screen drove to videos about Navigator, Radio, myWireless and Family Map. Each highlighted features and functions in a quick story that brought to life the experience of a fictional user.


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BlackBerry Super Bowl XLV111 Experience

As part of Super Bowl XLVIII partnership with CNET and CBSsports.com that provided two venues in which to host launch events and experiences, BlackBerry had an opportunity to make a big splash at the big game and build some buzz. We presented two big ideas that built on what they had already planned. Both incorporated touchscreen and mobile experiences that would help fans get the most out of the game and New Orleans.


LET THE GOOD TIMES FLOW — The idea was to bring together the party atmosphere, passion for football and pure entertainment with both live and digital experiences that would build excitement for BlackBerry’s latest and greatest offering . . . BlackBerry® 10, featuring Flow technology.



KEEP MOVING — We wanted to embrace all that New Orleans and the new BlackBerry® 10 experience had to offer and encourage people to Keep Moving to the next big moment. We planned to tout the parties, promote the events and show people a good time in a way that builds even more excitement around the launch of the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented . . . BlackBerry® 10.


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Edward Andrews Homes — Design Center

This luxury custom home builder was taking their design experience to the next level with a new design center where homebuyers could explore their options for add-ons and finishes in a setting that would be inspiring and comfortable. My team helped to design the physical space from the standpoint of flow and stations, as well as developing ambient video content for screens placed in various areas that needed to strike a balance of inspiring without overwhelming and branding without boring. At a higher level, we also helped them to redesign their entire design process to take it from a P.O. centered approach that fit their needs to one that aligned better with how homebuyers envision designing a home.

Edward Andrews Homes — Design Center


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Metalogix — Metafest

Metalogix is a software solutions provider that helps clients move, manage and protect their content that lives within and around Microsoft products. For the 2016 Microsoft Ignite conference, we designed a booth that incorporated their recently-updated look and feel, with inspiring photography and organic touches that helped to humanize the brand.

And to show off their work hard/play hard attitude, we helped them turn up the heat on their annual party at the conference. We branded the event MetaFest and closed a major downtown street to host a block party for 2,500 customers and prospects, spanning 4 restaurants serving up drinks and food. Outside, guests could play games, check out the chalk artist or just network to the soundtrack of 3 bands. Meanwhile, VIP guests were treated to rooftop cocktails at one of the venues into the wee hours while internationally-known DJ, Sam Feldt shook the earth.


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Nypro — Headquarters Lobby

Nypro provides manufacturing and packaging innovation for healthcare companies. I recently helped update its headquarters lobby to create a more informational and visually appealing experience for visitors. My team developed graphics for specific areas that engage and inform, while contributing to the overall unified, modern aesthetic of the redesigned Customer Engagement Center. Our goal was to tell the Nypro story of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with a modern feel that respects the company’s history and roots in science, but is visually focused on the company’s exciting, innovative future that transcends the historical feeling of a 70’s plastics company. Phase 2 will include additional oversized graphics and digital components.

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