Bag of Tricks/Résumé

– Creative Direction
– Copy & Content Development
– Content Strategy
– Creative Strategy
– Social Media Strategy & Content
– Brand Development
– Digital Campaigns
– Digital Retail Experiences
– Mobile Apps & Tools

Despite my official status as a Gen-Xer and faint memories of life before the internet, I consider myself a digital native. Back in the late ’90s, when all the other ad school kids were heading out into the world with dreams of making the next Nike :60 everyone would talk about, I was fascinated with how the vast amount of accessible content online and the number of new ways to reach an audience were beginning to change both the way brands behaved and the way consumers interacted with them. I guess I always appreciated doing over viewing. The possibilities to both evoke emotion and incite action seemed endless — and powerful. Nearly 20 years later, I feel lucky to have been able to spend my career helping brands tell stories in the digital space that win hearts, start conversations and open wallets.

I’m excited to see what’s next. You too? Let’s find out together. I’m available for freelance projects and open to longer-lasting opportunities.