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Credigy is a global specialty finance company that works with other financial institutions to acquire and finance consumer assets across multiple asset classes. They maintain the clout of a Wall Street firm, but without the cut-throat culture and needed help explaining their complex business and their unique employee experience in order to help recruit top talent. My team worked with their Employee Engagement team to develop a collection of materials to better tell their story — and why it's such a great place to work — in terms anyone can understand. 

Who better to tell what an awesome place Credigy is to work than the employees, themselves. We interviewed several key people from key departments and created this longer video for the client's website. Then we cut down some soundbites to use on social media.

Roles: Concept, Interview Script, Creative Direction

Credigy needed a simple explanation of their business so prospective hires could get a sense of what they do, without getting too bogged down in the details of the complex transactions they handle. Since we'd heard in employee interviews that the company has an active chess club, we thought it would be fun to use board games to tell the story.

Roles: Concept, Script, Creative Direction

A brochure for career fairs and other events focused on Credigy's focus: their people; sharing high level information on the business with a heavy emphasis on the culture. 

Roles: Copy, Creative Direction

Due to compliance and confidentiality issues, Credigy can't put a lot out there about its partners or even the industries it serves. So my team created a simple site that focuses on recruiting, showcasing the videos we made and linking directly to career opportunities.

Roles: Copy, Creative Direction

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