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Blogtober14: best advice i’ve been given


mmmkay. this is completely not where i thought i’d end up tonight. i had all kinds of plans to do my post today about the apple preserves i’m making. i’ve got the jars and the pectin and, well duh, the apples. and i even spent time at Michael’s yesterday figuring out some cute stylings for the finished product, since i’ll inevitably be giving some of it as hostess gifts or just-because things around the neighborhood. and, let’s be honest . . . because it would make for cuter post photos. gaaah, yeah, i’m that person now.

well, that decidedly didn’t happen after my 4-hour me time interlude (woo-hoo!), during which i paid a sitter an exorbitant amount of money to take Miss Girl to lunch and hang out with her so that i could be a normal person and, like, go to the gym and have lunch without a small human asking me 60 questions in 60 minutes. and then after i got home, it was time to watch the Falcons lose again. and then there was roller skating and bedtime and . . .

somewhere in the meantime, there, i started finally dealing with my disaster of a closet (season change + weight change = hotmess most mornings and i can’t deal). all along, thinking about whether i was going to try and pull together some kind of post tonight or fail. i really haven’t received much advice in my life that has stuck with me. i’m probably just too headstrong to remember much of what people say to me. or maybe it’s just the fact that i so don’t dwell on the past, i tend to remember outcomes, but not what got me there. i know.

so, there i was, with like half my closet dumped on my bed, thinking how stupid i was to have begun this endeavor at 8:30 on a Sunday night and wondering how the hell i was ever going to turn this into a situation that actually allowed me to go to sleep in my bed before like 4:00 in the morning. and that’s when my mother’s mantra dawned on me.

i don’t know if it’s exactly a piece of advice or more a law of physics. but it is so true. i had been putting off this closet thing for like 4 weekends. it was too hard and overwhelming to tackle. i didn’t finish it tonight, but my 8:30 decision to at least jump in and start it led to a solid hour of sorting and folding, which led to like half of the whole thing being done and me having at least half an idea of what the hell i have to wear to work right now. and i’m also now psyched to get the whole thing finished tomorrow, get the things that need to be tailored taken in and fill in the holes/make some donations.

this wisdom has rung true throughout my life in dealing with things as “simple” as organizing a closet to dealing with bigger job and relationship issues. oh yeah, and writing this blog. stop thinking so much about what and how and why or whether to do something and just go do it. once you’re in the middle of it, you’ll always get the answers and inspiration you need to do whatever is next.

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