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Blogtober14: hair of the dog

my current situation on November 1 at 11:00 a.m. kind of a mess, y’all.

when i finished my final Blogtober14 post on Thursday night and scheduled it for Friday, i breathed a sigh of relief, felt a sense of accomplishment and went about the business of Halloween — without a single thought about what i had to take pictures of to post or what story about the night i would tell. as far as i was concerned, i was off the hook for a post for an entire 2 days until my first promised Sunday short (eesh). it was like the last day of school. woo-hoo!

fast forward to this morning, when i find myself surrounded by the sugary, glittery remnants of last night’s revelry and power outage (spooky!), and this morning’s art project, puppet show and my own much-needed third cup of coffee. i was looking at some old writing to see if there was anything i could use as a starting point for my post tomorrow (negative), when i remembered a post earlier this week on A Writer’s Path with some prompts. i figured that might be good for some inspiration. on my way there, i got caught up in this post on Monica’s Tangled Web about the next big blogger challenge/link-up. NaBloPoMo: a post every day in November.

yep. i’m jumping back in, y’all. like that first bloody on the morning after a big night that just kinda sets you straight, it makes me feel like i might have a little bit of a problem . . . but it also feels really right. i’m probably crazy. who’s with me? let’s do this!

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