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Friday favorites

yay for Friday! i don’t know about y’all, but i am battling a serious bout of spring fever and am having an incredibly hard time keeping my butt in my seat at work instead of escaping outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather! i think there’s a patio with a glass of wine somewhere calling my name this afternoon . . . but before i go, here are a few of my favorite finds this week. happy Friday and enjoy the weekend, everyone!

1. last f**kable day

true story: i don’t even know who Amy Schumer is. and i haven’t bothered to Google her since seeing this video yesterday. but the rest of these ladies are my BFFs. and as a woman of a certain age . . . this shit is real. and hilarious.

2. swim!


i totally feel stupid ordering swimwear in April. but i know very well how fast all of this goes once someone’s pool opens somewhere. i’m hoping to get ahead of the Memorial Day rush! LOVE this pattern and also have a green bandeau & bottom that i think will mix and match perfectly if i’m feeling saucy (and skinny)! and yeah, of course it’s Boden.

3. 95 ways to hate Lilly for Target


dumb me. last Sunday, i sauntered into Target for a regular shop around noon. thought i would check out the Lilly Pulitzer line and pick up a cute frock if the mood struck me. i was shocked that they hadn’t even put it out yet! wrong. they were taking down signs, not putting them up. i love Cynthia from Sensibly Sharp‘s take on how it all went down. you will lol. go read it.

4. not shooting anyone

given that every other day there’s a news story about police shooting an unarmed suspect, i thought this was pretty effing awesome. just goes to show that police can do their job without using excessive force.

5. Elle King

keep hearing this song on the way to work in the morning (when i don’t have to play Radio Disney). just. love. this girl.

see more great Friday faves at

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