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Friday favorites

short week, short list of faves! here’s to Friday!

grown-up cocktails

this week, i revived a tradition i started at my last agency: Bourbon Thursday. 2 bottles of bourbon for whoever shows up. it’s a chance to hang out, try something new and, in this case, remember something old that you love. haven’t had the Larceny in a while, but so enjoyed meeting up with it’s buttery smoothness again yesterday. i like it on rocks, but their site has a few recipes (with fantastic names) that could definitely get me to stray into something more complicated. (photo + review:

ATL in the summertime

something old (Virginia-Highland Summerfest), something new (Polaris Re-opening) . . . Thrillist’s 12 Things You Absolutely Must Do in Atlanta this Summer is an excellent compilation of the things i love most about the summer in this city. see you at the festivals and on the rooftops!

dressing up for America’s Passtime

i will never love baseball like i love football. period. but it’s always fun to go to a game for the beer, popcorn and people watching. i got to do just that this week (from the comfort of a suite, no less— thanks, Spy!) and of course had to dress for the occasion. my only other Braves shirt was ragged and in the wash, but a quick trip to the Tar-zhay easily solved my nothing-to-wear problem. they (at least mine) have a great collection of MLB wear right now. definitely worth a stop if you’re in search of a little last minute team spirit. and, fine. go Braves!

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