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Friday favorites: blog shout-outs!

do y’all fight the urge to start like every third post with something along the lines of “OMG, things have been so crazy — sorry i haven’t posted so much lately!” i sure as hell do. Spy finally got home from his travels on Wednesday, so i’m hoping this weekend things will get more back to normal around here (although, sadly, i’m beginning to believe crazy is normal). i somehow found time to do some posts while he was away, but what suffered was my reading. i definitely felt like i was missing out on all the fun stuff you guys have been writing about. so last night, i sat down with a glass of wine and tried to get at least somewhat caught up. great reading, as usual, everyone! below are 5 of my favorite posts from the past couple weeks. hope y’all enjoy them as much as i did. TGIF, everybody!

1. easy apple pie


y’all know i love a semi-homemade recipe and will shortcut a recipe any time i get the chance. this apple pie from Shauna over at Rae of Sparkles looks right up my alley. now if i can just get someone to peel and slice the apples for me . . .

2. Charleston!


I loved A Girl Named Wanda‘s take on her recent trip to Charleston, a city i’ve been wanting to visit for a while.

3. doggie dress up


lots of y’all participated in the April A to Z challenge (and i’m totally impressed!). Sara over at Travels with Choppy posted a recap of all the hilarious personas sweet Choppy took on last month. so. totally. fun.

4. fun ways to get active in Atlanta


Carly over at Work(Out) Life Balance put together an awesome list of activities to help you stay fit and explore our great city.

5. sippin’ sparkles


i just love these cute sparkly champagne flutes from Allison over at Peachfully Chic! what a fun way to add some new life to old glassware or dress up a bargain basement find!

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