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Friday favorites: holiday decorating edition

happy Friday, y’all! did this full week after the holiday seem almost impossible to anyone else? gaahhh . . . anyhoo, we don’t get our tree until tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be consumed with doing all our decorating indoors and out. however, we did something different this year and started putting up some of the inside decorations last weekend. okay, honestly, Spy just finally got around to changing the HVAC filters and had to take all the decorations out of the attic to get to that, so we figured we might as well. but whatever the reason, i’m psyched to have a few more little bits of Christmas going up every day. here are just a few of my favorites so far.have a great weekend, everyone!

sassy sayings

i’ve had this tree for centuries and love having it light up the entrance area by our front door, but new this year are the fun prints above on the picture rail. happened upon them at Michael’s last weekend and thought they would be absolutely perfect to replace another bit of signage we usually keep there year round.

girly trees

because every 4½ year old needs her own tree in her room. and of course it is pink. duh. all from Target.

holiday farfegnugen

nerd alert! i have always wanted to put a wreath on the front of my car. don’t judge. this year, i finally did it and i totally giggle a little bit every time i see it. every single time.

holiday kisses

gotta have a little decorating for me! i usually wear a more neutral lipstick, but have been enjoying pulling out my perfect red this week. won’t be an everyday through the season thing, but it’s fun to mix it up. L’Oréal Colour Riche in Raspberries has been my go-to red for a few years now. mwah!

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