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Friday favorites: into the woods!

in just a few hours, we’ll be heading to Tugaloo State Park with 4 other families for the weekend. 9 adults, 10 kids (omg, how did we get outnumbered??), 4 yurts and 2 pontoon boats for 2 nights of unlimited fun. we are so excited! the other 4 families are all neighbors or former neighbors. all the kids go to school together (or would if A&G hadn’t picked up and moved to South Carolina. boo.) and i just think they are going to have such an amazing time together, i can’t wait to watch! the adults are all some of my absolute favorite people to hang out with, so i know we all will have a good time, too. this is how memories get made, y’all! anyway,  i’ve got about a million things still to pack and do before it’s time to pick up Miss Girl and hit the road, but thought it would be fun to write a quick glamping-themed favorites post in honor of the coming adventure. i’ll give y’all a full update when we return! have a great weekend, everyone!

koozies for boozies!

obviously, there will be beer. so obviously, there had to be koozies! really random, but i’m loving Discount Mugs to print these (and the ones i made for our Tybee trip). they do runs as small as 25, which you know is unusual if you’ve ever tried to get any of these things printed. so far, i always get mine double-sided. they have a decent online design tool or you can upload your own art (i’ve only done mine with their tool). this time their designer didn’t match what i’d done, but it was a quick turn-around to get it adjusted and i think they look great. definitely recommend them for this kind of thing!

mood lighting

so, as i was raiding my pantry at 11:00 last night to find random snacks Miss Girl won’t eat or other stuff we can unload on our friends (not really/really), i found the perfect solution for the 1,000 pack of Ikea votives i’d put in the packing pile: jelly jars! remember that time i made all that peach jam? and then apple? yeah, so i had a dozen jars just sitting on the shelf gathering dust because none of that has happened in forever. they’ll be perfect holders to give a little light and sparkle to our campsite! (image:

grub on the go

i won’t lie. the idea of planning and buying everything for a meal for 20 people that can be stored in a cooler and cooked outside was totally overwhelming to me. thank goodness, in the end, we took the more sane approach of jointly coming up with some really basic meals (burgers and burgers . . . maybe a hotdog) and sent 2 people to Costo to buy everything. in the meantime, though, L had done some searching for good meal ideas and other stuff (love her Pinterest board for it!). this idea for walking tacos is completely fun. didn’t make the cut, but maybe some random Saturday we can make these and eat them in the park. (image: The Girl Who Ate Everything)

speaking of Pinterest . . .

i mean. i should have guessed, but never really thought about it before. yes, y’all. there is a ton of shit on Pinterest about glamping! probably a good idea i didn’t discover this until like 6 hours ago or i would have made myself crazy finding beautiful, delicious, amazing things to do, make, eat and wear that would never. ever. happen.

lake sunsets

being on the water is one of my favorite things in life and i’m so excited that we’ve got 2 of these to look forward to this weekend at Lake Hartwell! (image: Southern Lake Living)

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