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Friday favorites: la France edition

(photo: MontgomeryFest)

mon dieu, y’all. how les temps they do seem to passe vite. we are just 2 months out from Le Grand France Voyage of ’15! and obvs, i have not yet started my Rosetta refresher. eesh. also, i have not yet focused too much on what i want to do while we’re there. i think i’m just not a planner — it all feels really awkward and icky to me. pure Sagittarian, right? i’d rather just pack up and see where the wind carries me than be bothered to make any kind of plan.

that said, i really do want this trip to be amazing and not leave with regrets because i didn’t take full advantage of our time there. so with that in mind, i have pushed myself to at least start to do a little poking around, saving links, making notes of things to look into further. planning, if you will. (ack, i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.) so, here is the totally random assortment of my favorite trip finds this week. enjoy and please let me know if you’ve got anything i should add, seeing as i’ve officially got a list now. bon weekend, mes amis!

 Pont de l’Archevêché

(photo: Madville Times)

maybe i’m missing Spy and feeling romantic with Valentine’s Day coming up, but since seeing this for the very first time in Now You See Me, i’ve definitely wanted to see this sweet testament to l’amour . . . and maybe add my own lock.

what the heck to wear

spring is dicey anywhere, pretty much. and i always find it kind of ookey to go somewhere with a different climate right at the change of a season when i don’t quite have my groove of favorite outfits worked out. this trip is the epitome of that with also trying to not look like a stupid American tourist weighing heavily on the choices i make. therefore, i’m spending lots of time searching things like “pack for Paris” on Pinterest. with mixed results. but it’s a start.

la Tour Eiffel

i mean, i can’t go to Paris and not do this, right? but even looking at the first image on their site gave me vertigo. i’m terrified of heights y’all. Spy swears it will be okay. and he was with me when i couldn’t go to the top of Cape Point or even think about the Tybee lighthouse. ugh. i hear the view of the tower and city from Montmartre (or points elsewhere) is even more impressive with the tower, so plan to do that, too. but i might actually need to track down a Xanax before either of these excursions.

Routes des Vins d’Alsace

omg. how beautiful is this area? just looking for pictures for this part of this post, i fell in love. no wonder Spy has such fond memories of living and teaching in Strasbourg. so that said, we’ll be spending some time in Strasbourg, then working our way down to Colmar. there are like a million wineries in between and i have absolutely zero handle on how to start evaluating what’s what and where to go. as far as i’m concerned, if it’s a beautiful setting and the wine is good, i can hang out all day. definitely need to delve deeper into this one to make a few picks — otherwise, we could be there for weeks, not hours . . .

princess dinner

Castle at Disneyland Paris

okay. aside from the complete shambles that is the Disneyland Paris site — both French and English version, in completely different ways, i checked. jeez. seems you have to go to the main Disney site and hook into the “good” Disney Paris site from there, which BTW is hosted on a .uk URL? what is happening? French: get your shit together. from a professional standpoint, this whole experience is completely confusing and mortifying. but i digress. i actually can’t find it on the “good” site, but there is definitely a princess lunch and/or dinner that can be booked. we’re doing it. Miss Girl is all over it. and if i have to go to Paris to meet Cindarella (again), i’m totally cool with that. this is for sure a “must do” on this trip.

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