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Friday, y’all: pantry livin’

omg. why has this week seemed like it was 1,000 years long? perhaps too many late nights with too much holiday cheer. perhaps too much expectation and excitement for next week. perhaps a (still!) too long to do list and too little time, despite my best-laid plans.

whatever the reason, the fact remains that i spent last weekend wholly focused on throwing a Christmas party. if it didn’t need to be bought for that, it simply wasn’t bought. so here we are at Friday night, having cancelled the sitter and bowed out of one last party in favor of snuggling down as a family in front of  A Charlie Brown Christmas. and the cupboard is bare. well, says the husband. i know better. i consistently contend that no one will ever starve in this house and it’s usually true. usually. i must admit that he was dangerously close to being right this time. so i had to prove him wrong.


and thus was born this masterpiece: breakfast for dinner. i’m not normally a fan, but drastic times call for drastic measures. i found a link of turkey Italian sausage in the freezer (left over from Thanksgiving), added the nub of a tube of breakfast sausage, onion, broccoli (the only green thing in the house, save for the dumb limes i never put out on the bar at the party), the last of some semi-suspect grape tomatoes, cheddar and some eggs. i made buttered toast for Spy and even scrounged up a little parsley garnish. you know, ’cause parsley equals fancy. we are full as ticks and couldn’t be happier. now, may i please go to sleep until Christmas morning? please?

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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