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happy first Monday of 2015, y’all!


okay. that chalkboard is a little all over the place. but so am i. i think i need to create a new “i must be crazy” category for posts. here it is, Monday. i’m back to work after nearly 2 straight weeks off. shit is about to hit the fan for the next 8 hours or so. and me? oh, well, never one to do anything in moderation, i obviously talked myself into 2 other major undertakings beginning today. yeah, 2. i better be so. fucking. alive.

first, i’m signed up to start Blogging 101. i’ve missed the daily challenges/assignments i took on in October and November and was looking for something i feel more obligated to stick to than just a plain old daily prompt. (sorry, daily prompt.) even though i just officially opened my doors in September, i’m wondering if this might be a little too basic — not that i don’t have tons to learn — but well, we’ll see. has anyone else done or is thinking about doing one of these? stay tuned.

second, because i apparently enjoy torturing myself, i’m doing another cleanse. speaking of nothing in moderation, November and December were pretty much 60-ish blissful, exhausting days of eating, drinking and not working out with utterly wild abandon. unfortunately, Santa didn’t put a new liver under the tree for me nor a gift card for lipo. so. time to get this shit back in check.

a woman in my neighborhood runs Sculpted Nutrition and a couple of my neighbors have worked out with her and done her cleanses and rave about it all. it’s basically the Whole30 program (but only for a whole 21 days, thank god). translation: it’s basically Paleo on steroids for 3 weeks, except that i guess steroids are totally not Paleo. hmm. nothing processed, no grains, no dairy, no booze, mostly meat/fish, vegetables, nuts/seeds. i honestly don’t eat that poorly (and have been trying to cut offending foods the past few days to prepare — except wine, which i’ve been bulking up on as if it stores for the winter. sheesh. but the no dairy (cheeeeeeeeeeese!) and totally no grains (not even a damn spoonful of quinoa) is going to be really tough. so tough, that in fact, i have already decided i’m still having my 1 cup of freaking half-caf with 1 tablespoon of cream in the mornings. okay, technically, i’m not even supposed to have caffeine either . . . why am i doing this again? anyhoo, i’m sure i’ll feel better for it all 3 weeks from now. but seriously. if a tablespoon of cream in a barely-caffeinated cup of joe the morning is what’s keeping me from losing that last 5 pounds, it’s so totally worth it. posts about this thing should definitely be, um, fun.

hope y’all have big plans for the week that include lots of wining, dining, Starbucksing and writing utterly unguided and unfettered so that i may live vicariously through your posts. i can’t wait. happy Monday!

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