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munch out on your lunch out: beach edition

Fish Taco & Sweet Potato Fries

even though we just bought like $1,000,000 worth of groceries for the week, when the kids said “let’s eat lunch out!” we couldn’t say no to a stroll up the beach to one of our favorite spots on Tybee Island. North Beach Bar & Grill is the quintessential beach bar, but with really good food. i love the Caribbean feel of the brightly painted exterior and decor. you can definitely lose an afternoon on the patio or cozied up at the outdoor bar. inside, the large windows are always open and fans pull the beach breeze through the restaurant. with the exception of a salty bartender one time a couple years ago, the staff has always been amazingly friendly and attentive. definitely a fun and family friendly atmosphere for a vacation lunch!

we started with some yummy homemade flour tortilla chips with salsa. Spy also got the asparagus and crab, which was basically a pile of lump crabmeat on a bed of asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes. yum. a round of burgers and grilled cheese for the kids kept them happy (and tasting Miss Girl’s burger, i was a little jealous i didn’t order one for myself). an amazing lobster roll was one of the many lunch specials. i went with a solid standby, the fish taco, which was the perfect combination of something fried, but still light. their sweet potato fries are truly spectacular — tossed in sugar and then drizzled with a balsamic reduction that is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. we also couldn’t resist having just one (really!) Cruzan Confusion, a combination of 8 rums with orange and cranberry juice. that could have turned bad really quickly.

bellies full, we made our way back down the beach to our tent for an afternoon of jumping waves and digging our own tidal pools . . . and planning what to do with all those groceries.

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