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NaBloPoMo day 8: 6 word Saturday

it is a gorgeous fall day outside. i’m trying super hard to be productive cleaning, organizing and generally not being a slug. and all day, writing this post has been in the back of my head, hanging over me like the homework assignment i did not want to tackle. in the last hour, i finally sat down to a random mishmash of leftovers for lunch because i’m trying to clear up all the crap in the refrigerator (seriously, frozen chicken strips + black beans + red bell pepper over some low-carb penne. i take no shame in pantry livin’ y’all.) and decided to check out some prompts to see if that could get me started. anything . . . god, please, anything?

boom. Six Word Saturday. One-Minute Writer just totally rocked my world. 6 words? 60 seconds? hell yeah, even i can do that.  i was so excited, i wanted to tell the fam. but when i looked around the house, i realized the strange sound i had been hearing was complete silence (a rarity around here). everyone is napping! everyone. and i mean serious napping. Miss Girl was so wiped out she (and the snowmonster) fell asleep mid-masterpiece!


is there any chance in the world that i could actually get in a little snooze? perhaps that Target trip can wait a few more hours. and just maybe nothing bad will happen if i don’t steam the dining room rug this minute or sort out the mess in that hall closet.  . . . my 6 word Saturday? nap time is golden. enjoy it. what are your 6 words today?

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