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summer sunset: week 1

okay, everyone. this week’s sunset review is the first of 11, so settle in. at least 11 is the number of weeks in my head for Miss Girl’s summer break. i am pretty sure i paid for 10 weeks of summer camp and we’ll have 1 week at the beach (?) i could be off either way by like 5 weeks since i did it all in January because i was so freaked out about how hard it would be to line something up, but anyhoo . . . we’ll deal with that when we get there.

since this is her (and our) first real summer out of daycare, the change of season actually means something this year. whereas Memorial Day used to come and go and our routine was the same, now it is a whole new world. overall, i’m psyched because i get to sleep in later! but this week has definitely been an adjustment.

this week’s top lessons

  1. don’t stop riding just because you have a busted tire. life’s too short and you got places to go, girl!

  2. own your outfit. maybe no one else took Wacky Wednesday to heart, but you are the best damn princess pirate anybody north of I-20 ever saw!

  3. naps are still crucial. sorry, but true story, as evidenced by the drive-home crash-out and late-nite mania.

  4. no groceries are ever enough. wow. the amount of food this house can run through on a long weekend and then daily snacks + a couple lunches . . . i think i’m gonna have to get that Costco membership. ugh.

  5. summer hours are unavoidable. thank god for sleeping in and not having to leave the house until a bona fide civilized hour again. but on the other end . . . 10:00+ bedtimes for 5 year olds are probably not the healthiest. for anyone involved. (i’m lookin’ at you neighbor instagators!) sigh.

hope y’all are enjoying your summer so far — sun-up to (late) sunset! would love to hear what you’ve learned.

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