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the 5 days you’ll meet working from home

nine months ago, i started a new job. we have a Buckhead office for occasional internal and client meetings, but for the most part, everyone works remotely. it’s totally cool, but (like most things in life) it’s not exactly how i thought it would be.

before i started, i imagined that my life would suddenly transform. obviously, i would automatically be transported to the magical world where lifestyle bloggers live . . . where life is clean white and stylish with the warm glow of a scented candle and a sweet doggie curled up quietly by my side as i worked. i imagined that through the magic of time shifting, i would be a beacon of productivity on the work front, while also maintaining an immaculate home, effortlessly preparing a balanced and interesting meal every evening at a reasonable hour and definitely being in the best shape of my life, thanks to daily workouts in between conference calls . . .


i quickly realized that just like in every other more traditional agency gig i’ve ever had, where there’s no telling what the day will throw at you, zen-like focus and utter control over my own domain were not destined to show up on my doorstep just because my morning commute was reduced to 16 stairs. it still is advertising, after all. here are a few of the days i’ve become familiar with over these many months. they each have their own personality and i’m still working on my relationship with most of them in order to make the most out of each one. and, though i don’t think i’m schizo, maybe working from home actually is driving me a little crazy . . .









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