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wine Wednesday: patio weather!


not tryin’ to brag, y’all. but . . . according to one source i just saw, Atlanta hit 77° today. yep. that’s right. this time last week, we were tracking school closings and bracing for another snowpocalypse. welcome to winter weather in the South. i even decided i could pull out white jeans today — after weeks of dying to wear my new Boden whites and reading the fors and againsts of wearing white anything pre-Easter (yes Easter, Yankees), i decided in the case of jeans (and jeans only), i can wholeheartedly be in the for camp.

anyhoo, between the balmy temps and the triumphant end of my last week and a half of crazy work/travel/home stuff, it kind of felt like a Friday today. also, after sleeping only like 2 hours Monday night, then spending a dizzying 16 hours back and forth on flights and in meetings yesterday, i’m completely confused about what day it is legitimately and for real. so it really felt like Friday after a 4:00 presentation to follow up all of last week’s pitch work (which i think i kind of rocked). and long story, long, catching up with some of my favorite girls over some wine on a patio was an absolute necessity this evening. whew.

i believe i’ve mentioned before how much i love Après Diem for its laid back vibe, great food and wine list . . . and stellar patio. tonight, was perfect (except for the one-woman-down-because-of-working-late action. damn #agencylife y’all.) Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc is my go-to here. and it was delicious and crisp as always. weirdly, i don’t see it that often out in Atlanta, but definitely need to make a point to buy some for home. it is quintessential NZ SB with really crisp, grapefruit notes that i always love. perfect with the amazing pile of cheese and fruit AD calls simply Fruit & Frommage, and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus that we ordered. both nomnomnoms that make dinner at home seem completely unnecessary. (translation: i assume they feed Spy at all those fancy receptions he goes to, because he’s on his own at this point.)

so it turns out everybody is exhausted and annoyed about work. (shock? nah.) this business is crazy, no matter what agency you’re at or what your role is. and it is always comforting and inspiring to me to hear who is having what challenges and how they are dealing with the new things thrown at them every day — and for us all to try and help out with our varied insights and advice (or just the venue to vent).

outside of their humor, warmth, brains and general kick-ass-ness, i love this group of women and that i can have these conversations with them. we also talk about boys and husbands and celebs and gossip and House of Cards and everything else on the planet. all in like 2 hours. because Nanny hours and because we are just that fucking efficient. and when anyone (husbands/boys) asks us what we talked about, no one can actually answer that question. and it’s completely normal. and perfect. we’ll solve the world’s problems over wine and under the radar. at some point. i think.

tomorrow, it will only be 50°. there will be a lot more breathing room at work in my calendar, to-do list and mind. (thank goodness.) i will probably wear dark-washed jeans. and maybe even boots. things will feel back to normal . . . whatever that means for this season when we just long for warmth and color and everything new seems to just want to poke its head out, whether it’s too early or not. and apparently, nothing. can. wait.

how’s your week going?

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