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App | Video | Digital Content

As lead for the Content, Creative & Brand team, I oversee the development of all the Foundation's national-level digital, print and broadcast materials for our national marketing campaigns, events and patient education initiatives — from innovative ways of reaching constituents like apps and podcasts to standard fare like annual reports.


I was part of the team that oversaw development of a new app designed to help people with chronic pain set goals, learn ways to manage pain, connect with people who have similar challenges and live fuller lives.


The app is unique in the space, as it provides goal setting and tracking that specific to pain and it connects with Fitbit and other activity trackers for a comprehensive view of how pain affects mobility and motivation.

We also created promotional materials, including this TV spot, to get the word out and drive downloads.

Role: Creative Direction

Pain is the major challenge people with arthritis face. It disrupts daily lives and social participation and affects every aspect of life. Findings from the Arthritis Foundation's INSIGHTS study, summarized in the How It Hurts report, guide the organization's work in scientific research, advocacy and educational programs that connect the arthritis community. I led the team that developed the 2021 digital report.

Role: Creative Direction

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