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For over three years, I led the creative team developing digital work across multiple products, including U-verse, Digital Life, High Speed Internet and various phone launches. I was part of the team that concepted and developed over 100 screens worth of interactive and ambient experiences at the Michigan Avenue flagship store. On a more average day, banners and landing pages were on the menu, with a mix of broader campaigns, social, apps, product development and even a book.

Here's a snapshot of the huge volume of work my team and I created over a couple years working with this client. I was directly involved in most of it, from banners to sites and in-store experiences.

Roles: Concepts, Copy, Creative Direction

AT&T's Michigan Avenue flagship store was intended to be a showcase of all the innovative products and services the company could provide. Filled with over 100 screens of digital content — both video and interactive experiences — the showroom was a fun place to explore, hang out and shop. I lead the creative team that ensured the tech experiences being created were on brand.

Roles: Creative Direction

We created this hardcover book to help AT&T imagine how its brand could be bigger than just communications service and as big as all the achievements their products enable. We imagined that they crowdsourced solutions to problems way outside the scope of their normal business. Regular people, subject matter experts and AT&T technologists and visionaries all worked together to solve issues from the environment and the economy to veterans' issues and arts education. This book, written after the experiment, documents everything these teams were able to achieve.

Roles: Concept, Copy

How do you build a new AT&T community and platform that people will pay attention to and want to be a part of? Create a curated digital publication and social community that showcases ordinary people around America doing creative things through the power of the AT&T wireless network. We called it RPM (Rethink Possible Magazine). The magazine’s engaging, emotive content — featuring video vignettes of smartphone users who are rethinking life — invites the audience to engage and share how their phones have made their lives smarter. This spec issue featured Rattletrap ATL Street Coffee, who has just that sort of story.

Roles: Creative Direction


Before connected homes were de rigueur, AT&T's Digital Life was a trailblazer in the space. I was part of the team that began to imagine how the interface would look and function, how the technology would change people's lives — and how we would explain it to them. This was an early-stage vision video that told the story and showed off some of the interface design work we were doing for the project.

Roles: Concept, Copy, Creative Direction

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