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SOFi is the foundation that raises money to supplement the Atlanta Public Schools budget for Bolton Academy. The organization funds everything from capital improvements to teacher training and materials. In my role on the board as part of the communications and marketing team, I create the materials we need to get the word out about our fundraisers. From flyers and donor cards to place in backpacks to social posts and even a new logo and website, I do it all — for the kids!


I designed and currently maintain a new website with a cleaner, more modern look to go with the new, more modern logo I also designed for the organization in 2018. The new site also better aligns with school branding to create a tighter tie between the two organizations.

Roles: Copy, Design, Build (Wix)

When the SOFi's annual auction had to go virtual due to COVID-19 in 2020, we needed to step up our social game to promote the event like never before, but also educate attendees about how to participate in this new format, as well as drive engagement during the event. The auction raised just a few thousand dollars less than the previous year’s in-person party and the campaign was featured as one of partner, GiveSmart’s success stories.

Roles: Copy, Design, Calendar, Account Management 


SOFi’s annual golf tournament is a fun way for supporters to get together and raise money for the cause. Each year, I update the tournament info sheet and create social posts, including video teasers like this one, to promote the event. 

Role: Concept, Copy, Design, Production

SOFi's annual fundraiser is one of the biggest events of the year. I developed all new materials for its various phases from backpack flyers through thank you cards.

Roles: Copy, Design

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