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As the lead creative at this growing full-service marketing agency, a large part of my job was developing content and campaigns to help market the agency. This included content marketing via a bi-monthly email and blog, leave-behinds, press releases and event planning/production. The agency used the film, art, music and sports as the catalyst for creating great work for our clients, so those themes naturally ran through the work we created to promote ourselves. 

This record sleeve leave-behind was a hit with prospects and attendees of events the agency sponsored. The outside gave a brief overview of what Yalo does and why the agency is different, while inside, a randomly selected 45 often made an unexpected personal connection with the recipient.

Roles: Copy, Creative Direction

Yalo's blog featured the agency's work and thinking, as well as other interesting tidbits that fell into topic categories like technology, marketing, culture and creative. For nearly four years (see pre-2020 content), I served as editor for the publication, ensuring quality, relevance and on-brand tone of all posts. I edited copy and select photography for all team-member content, as well as researched and posted all Yalo Team content and write my own posts.

Roles: Content Strategy, Copy, Copy Editing, Creative Direction

Yalo delivered an email blast highlighting new work, happenings and blog content every other week. Each issue carried a theme that was seasonal, related to current events or stemmed from work the agency wanted to highlight.

Roles: Content Strategy, Copy, Creative Direction

For a few years running, Yalo threw a killer party at SXSW for about 2,000 people. 2017's event featured a VR art demo set to the soundtrack of four indie bands. I led the team developing the party concept, activations and creative elements from posters to social posts, emails and

website content.

Roles: Concept, Copy, Creative Direction

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