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Capital One connects with cardholders and prospects in many different ways and places, giving them access to experiences and content that are truly unique. I've had the opportunity to help them create some of those experiences at the sporting and cultural events they sponsor, while shifting the perception about what kind of content and communications consumers can expect from a banking partner.

When Capital One Cafés closed during the pandemic, we helped our client stay connected with Café customers by creating a series of livestream events with influencers discussing topics under the umbrella of money and well-being. To help promote the livestreams, we created influencer videos like this one to intro each topic and draw viewers in. See more at

Roles: Scripting, Creative Direction

Capital One launched its new dining card with an exclusive party at South Beach Wine & Food Festival hosted by chef José Andrés. My team created a whimsical poolside soirée inspired by his Barmini restaurant where guests could spend the evening sipping, savoring and snapping some truly Insta-worthy moments to share.​

Role: Creative Direction


For South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2022, we created two footprints where cardholders could come hang out and grab a drink or a bite.

The daytime footprint featured storytelling built around Top Chef winner, Melissa King's recipes and flavor profiles. We created a lounge space where guests could recharge, grab a popsicle and snap a souvenir of it all. But the main action was in the cardholder tasting room, where guests had the opportunity to meet the chef, learn about her culinary journey and inspirations and taste a few bites that reflected that story.

The evening footprint turned up the party atmosphere with a flair bartender and cocktails and desserts that complemented the food theme of the evening being served at other stations in the venue.

Role: Creative Direction

Capital One Cafe Promo - Space to Connect
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As Capital One Cafés re-opened in 2022, we produced a series of promo videos with social cuts, featuring our livestream host, Candace Parker, touting all the services and benefits the Cafés offer. See more at

Roles: Scripting, Creative Direction

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