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TV | Radio | Social | Print | OOH

The 139th Airlift Wing in St. Joseph, Missouri needed a bolder new look and feel for its recruiting materials and campaign to reach out to potential recruits. I led the team that developed a campaign concept encompassing all the reasons young men and women would want to join the unit — from things like camaraderie and helping their community to tuition assistance — in the idea of being a part of something bigger. 

For this TV spot, we used photography and video clips featuring local places and personnel, rather than more generic U.S. Air Force stock, to help recruits better identify with this particular unit and its members. Audio from the video was used to create a radio spot.

Roles: Concept, Script, Creative Direction

Facebook posts using imagery from the unit carried our message, inspiring local residents

to join.

Roles: Concept, Copy, Creative Direction


A brochure provided additional detail on what recruits could expect to gain by recruiting.

Roles: Concept, Copy, Creative Direction

A billboard and swag, featuring a unit badge that we designed made the unit more visible through out the community.

Roles: Copy, Creative Direction

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