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Digital Campaigns | Landing Pages

For two years, I headed up an agency creative team that produced online ad campaigns promoting the Southwest's many sales, new service announcements (at a time when the airline was expanding rapidly), special amenities and more. Featured here are highlights of two of the more in-depth campaigns I worked on — one supporting an offline PR effort and the other supporting a sweepstakes run primarily online.

At a time when airline fees started spiraling out of control, Southwest was​ proud to tout its "no hidden fees" policy. My team created all the campaign's banner ads, as well as a microsite that drove home the message with engaging activities, a ringtone download and easy access to booking. This video gives an overview and shows what we achieved.

Roles: Concept, Copy, Creative Direction

Southwest partnered with Visa and NBA to hold a sweepstakes, the winner of which snagged a trip to the NBA All-Star game, along with other perks. My team created the banner campaign that drove entries, as well as the entry microsite, which included scripting and shooting an intro with All-Star, Darryl Dawkins, a.k.a. Chocolate Thunder. 

Roles: Concept, Copy, Creative Direction

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