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Social | Website | Print | Video

This B2B software client was looking to stand out in a sea of boring to attract both clients and investors. Over the course of a year, my team helped modernize its website, created blog content with impact, launched an entirely different kind of social campaign and developed memorable conference materials. Our sometimes unconventional approaches worked and OpenConnect landed both the clients and a buyer. OpenConnect is now ActiveOps.

For the re-launch of its AutoiQ product, we created a campaign for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that was designed to grab attention by focusing on how different the new product was from the old one and from anything else in the industry.

Role: Creative Direction, Copy


Experiential | Direct Mail

Metalogix is a software solutions provider that helps clients move, manage and protect their content that lives within and around Microsoft products. For the 2016 Microsoft Ignite conference, my team designed a booth that incorporated their recently-updated look and feel, with inspiring photography and organic touches that helped to humanize the brand.

We developed this mailer to send to conference attendees to encourage them to come by OpenConnect's booth for a short presentation. Our client collected leads and attendees stayed caffeinated.

Role: Creative Direction, Copy


Demo videos were an effective sales tool that explained OpenConnect's complex products in simple terms. We incorporated a bold, graphic look to bring the story

to life.

Role: Creative Direction, Script

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