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fresh start: September

Earth Wind & Fire were so such a true moment in my (20 years later, yes) early 90s retro life. this jam could have described so much in any given month. but still just always makes me wanna dance!

most of us traditionally think of of January as a time for fresh starts and new resolutions. with the new year, we get a clean slate and the chance to rewrite our futures. not for me.

most likely the result of years of back-to-school training combined with the unofficial transition from summer to autumn, September has always been the time of year that makes me feel inspired and ready to refresh, renew and take on new challenges.  it’s typically a time when i focus on getting organized and grounded in body mind and spirit. and this year is no different. i absolutely love summer, but have been looking forward to September’s arrival for several weeks now. after having hosted some dear old friends from Brooklyn for a particularly busy and boozy holiday weekend, a little rebooting is definitely in order.

to that end, the first order of business is a liver detox. don’t worry. nothing crazy and i won’t be posting gross pix of stones and whatnot. yuck. i did this last year at the same time and after a few days of feeling completely crappy, i felt completely great. the plan includes twice daily Clear Liver Cleanse supplements from Whole Foods (according to the Internet, these don’t exist, so i can’t link, but promise they are available in stores). along with the pills, i have 14 days ahead of me of focusing on eating whole, unprocessed foods. it’s basically, me on my best behavior with lots of lean protein, leafy greens and a low-carb, gluten-free, booze-free diet. that alone usually has me feeling better within several days. what i’m not giving up: coffee and dairy. sorry, liver, i just can’t. also, it’s been a while, but i am considering doing dtox juice’s Juice ‘Til Dinner at some point in the next couple weeks to crank things up for a few days. by the middle of day 2, i’m bored as hell, but it really does make you feel clear and energized. but that’s next week . . .

i’ve got long to-do lists both at work and at home, but with Labor Day behind me, finally feel like i have the resolve and focus to tackle them successfully. starting tomorrow . . . for now, i’m feeling perfectly content to still be in jammies at noon, watching way too much TV, relaxing, recharging and looking forward to everything that makes fall so fun (and just maybe hitting the pool for one of a few last times this summer).

how do you ramp up for a new season?

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