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2015: goals are the new resolutions


spoiler alert: this is not about actually running and has nothing to do with a Dixie Chicks song. or kittens. sorry.

yesterday morning, i hunkered down for the very important work of reading my new month/new year horoscopes. this takes some dedication, y’all. and about 3 large cups of coffee, apparently. it’s a new year’s ritual for me and this year, it really got me excited. whether everything i read is right on or not, the forecasts by both Susan Miller and the AstroTwins hit upon a lot of themes that have been on my mind as i think about what i want this year, so there must be something to it. so far, 2015 is off to a great start and i’m ready to move forward. yeah, i probably should also literally go for a run immediately because the holidays were not friendly to my waistline, but . . .

anyhoo, i also noticed that this year, everyone seems to be talking a lot less in terms of their resolutions and more about goals, focus, intention and similar concepts that provide direction for achievement in the new year, but seem a lot more forgiving. thank the universe. i like it! so with all this in mind, here are my thoughts on the forward-looking questions from the series i started last week.

41. What do you want the overarching theme for your 2015 to be? bring the game back. i’ve had a weird couple of years — professionally and personally. i’m ready to do some shit. own some shit. and have some fucking fun. (my astrologers agree, see above!)

42.What do you want to see, discover, explore? i am going to Paris. Paris! i feel so stupid being excited about it. for most people who travel, it’s like going to New York. but of all the places in the world i’ve been, i’ve never been there. so i’m excited. EXCITED!! we are going in April. and we are also going to Strasbourg, where Spy lived and taught, and where i’ve wanted to see all that. i will write about it. i will re-do my Rosetta before. y’all will hear all about it. mmmm

43.Who do you want to spend more time with in 2015? my mom. i miss her so much and so want her to be a part of our life in Atlanta. i hope that this year we can get her to move down and be a part of Miss Girl’s life and all the silly, stupid, important things that happen here.

44.What skills do you want to learn, improve or master? pretending to give giving a fuck? i mean. i used to be a lot better at small talk. now, i just have no patience. i hate it. but i have to. and it’s kind of totally important in my world. and in my work. and gaaahhh. so if you’re reading this and i’m talking to you . . . i’m totally in the conversation. i promise.

45. Which personal quality do you want to develop or strengthen? ownership. at work. at home. in life. i need to be better about owning what, why and how i do things.

46. What do you want your everyday life to be like? easy. is that too much to ask? i wake up on time, refreshed. girl gets to school. i work out, get to work on time. make some killer things happen. friend time. girl time. husband time. (in no particular order and not necessarily separate) bath/bed/chill. sounds so easy typing right now . . .

47.Which habits do you want to change, cultivate or get rid of? listen (even) more to my gut. act on it more, but less impulsively. (holyfuck that took a lot of editing!) editor’s note: oh, and rereading this post later, maybe “stop dropping so many f-bombs” should also be on this list. 😉

48.What do you want to achieve career-wise? i had an incredible past year. this year, i want to grow that and be able to do some things no one expects.

49.How do you want to remember the year 2015 when you look back on it 10/20/50 years from now?we will always look back on it in terms of family and neighborhood. so many good friends and experiences there. we won’t always remember the year, but will remember our friends.

50.What is your number one goal for 2015? balance.

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