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5 things to love about winter

i know, i know. the Northeast is in the middle of a blizzard and no one up there loves winter right now (hang in there and stay safe, everyone!). you probably don’t love it either. i know i don’t.

but i actually have been thinking about this post for a few weeks because, once you get past Christmas and New Year’s, the rest of winter is totally anticlimactic. am i right? so for my own sanity, i’ve been trying to find moments during this god-forsaken cold, dark season to actually savor. truth: i will never fantasize about these moments like i fantasize about long summer days, sundresses and Saturdays spent by the pool. never. but these guys are for sure, pretty good and come March, they disappear like snowflakes on your tongue. so let’s give a little respect to a few things winter lets us enjoy that are totally, totally out of place any other time of the year. what are your favorite winter moments?

1.  hot chocolate


seriously. no way you can drink hot chocolate any other time of year. i’m currently loving this mix from Red Spoon Bakery out of Suwanee, Georgia. it’s a little less sweet than your typical commercial blend, which makes it totally perfect for adding marshmallows for a little extra (but not too much) sweetness. we’ve spent several weekend afternoons in pajamas by the fire sipping this stuff and drawing, doing puzzles, playing games and just staying warm. it’s heaven.

2. snuggling by the fire


did i mention this above? good. because it warrants a lot of attention. whether it’s a family scenario or you’re gettin’ all romantical with your boo, there is just something calming and grounding about watching the flames flicker while you’re wrapped in a blanket (and maybe drinking hot chocolate. or an amazing Zinfandel.) i even hate socks and this photo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. for sure, you’ll never want to do this in July.

3. dark nail polish


okay, some might disagree on this one, but for me, winter is the only time i will do a really dark polish on both my fingers and toes. i’m currently loving OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. it’s just enough purple and just enough brown, but looks almost black at first glance (no shimmer and not to be confused with Lincoln Park at Midnight). totally my signature color for the next month, i’m thinking!

4. comfort food


when else can you load up on carbs and cheese and not feel guilty? winter!! there are like a thousand amazing recipes for mac and cheese out there. this one is closest to what i usually make. but a good penne in cream sauce with mushrooms, peas and bacon fills that craving as well. bottom line: enjoy this stuff now while you’re not worrying what your bottom looks like in a bikini!

5. heated car seats


maybe my very favorite thing about winter is heated car seats. seriously. i never had them until a couple years ago. and i’m not sure i can ever go back. in that first few minutes before the heater really cranks up, these are absolutely life-changing. i seriously have been relying on these toasty gems to keep me warm on all these recent frigid 45° mornings in the ATL. haha. i know. i cannot even fathom real cold. but as much as i love them, my heated seats are nowhere in my stream of consciousness com spring. and i’m totally cool to keep it that way!

stay warm, everyone!

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