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5 truths from my stint as a soccer mom


today was the last day of soccer. for the season. maybe forever? despite the appearance of pure joy here, Miss Girl was just not that into it. i think this photo reflects being psyched for her trophy, the imminence of celebratory cupcakes and the knowledge that she does not have to go back next Saturday. and as happy as she is to be retiring her cleats, i’m probably just as happy to be retiring my soccer mom title at least temporarily. i mean. the fact that i will no longer have to get up and out of the house earlier on Saturdays than i do for work, alone,  brings a huge smile to my face. that said, though, i’m glad we rode the 2 month roller coaster. and in the process of surviving the highs and lows, a few life lessons rang true:

showing up is 90% of success. like i said, hitting the road at 8:00 on Saturday morning is no picnic. but no matter what happened on the field, i started each weekend with a sense of having accomplished something at least.

fake it ’til you make it. if we could at least get Miss Girl there and on the field, she may have sulked through the first few minutes, but eventually, she forgot she hated soccer, got into it and actually had fun. score!

if you can’t make it good, at least make it look good. matching pink floral cleats and ball. boom. that’s all i’m sayin’.

take one for the team. we all put aside our personal wants and needs and got out there every Saturday for the greater good of the family, the Wildcats and the concept of sticking to commitments. and i think we’re all better for it.

there IS hugging in soccer. Miss Girl definitely spent a good portion of each game hugging, holding hands, singing Let It Go and dishing the latest 4-year-old gossip with her girlfriend from school. team bonding is totally important, right?

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