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agency afterlife: week 3

while it was 3 weeks ago this morning that i got the news i was 1 of the 7 people in my office being relieved of our jobs, i’ve only technically been unemployed for a week. the first 2 weeks were a joyous freebee. woo-hoo. it already kind of feels like forever, though. and for all the lists and plans i made that first week, and all the running around and busy-ness that’s ensued, i feel like i have relatively little to show. i mean, for god’s sake. i thought by now i would at least have had all the closets organized, achieved perfect attendance at the gym and delved back into a writing project i started last summer. not. so. much.

somehow, the sheer fear of living without a paycheck has trumped all that and, let’s just say, i’ve found it a little hard to focus on non-essential/non-paying tasks. (the husband is an excellent, ahem, motivator, as well.)

won’t bore y’all with the laundry list of what’s actually happened in the past few weeks, except to say that there is freelance (yay!), there are job prospects (yay!) and the universe has been generous with support and opportunities. enough, so far, to keep me from going completely stir crazy. for now. stay tuned . . .

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