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agency afterlife: week 4


(photo: LuckyPonyShop)

we just got back from a wonderful 4-day weekend in New York, visiting friends and playgrounds across the city and on both sides of the river. the weather turned out absolutely fallish and perfect for all-day wandering. the generosity of the two sets of friends who invited us to their homes and actually cooked for us made me remember, despite my current circumstances and a couple pieces of bad news about a job and a friend’s health that we received on Friday, how very, very lucky we are.

i had hoped that a change of scenery would spark some kind of epiphany about what i want to do when i grow up. on that count, i was not so lucky. so i start my week the same as i started last week, unenlightened, yet determined not to let my jobless status get me down — or keep me from recognizing the truly wonderful moments i’m lucky enough to get almost every day.

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