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a couple fun pieces on our adopted city have come out in the past few weeks and i wanted to share the Atlanta love!

the first is a Bitter Southerner piece on Living Walls and #weloveatl, and how these two grass-roots, arts-based movements have succeeded at rekindling residents’ love affair with our city, where recent multi-million dollar, big-agency marketing campaigns failed miserably. i’ve been involved in some of the #weloveatl events, and the excitement people have for capturing the character of the city in photography is pretty amazing. some really beautiful and thoughtful art, as well as public discussion has come out of the work both these groups are doing, plus support for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. pretty cool stuff.

the second is an article giving 20 reasons Why Atlanta Is the Big American City You’ve Been Missing Out On. “Atlanta is much more than fake-brawling and McMansion suburbs.” amen. some of it’s kind of fluff, but i’m excited about the recent trend of good PR about our city (well at least until Gov. Deal went and made us the wild west last week.).

anyway, we’re happy to show y’all around if you come and visit!

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