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best. mom. ever.


holy. F. y’all. it is cold as balls out and i am drowning in a sea of how is all this shit supposed to actually happen? at work. this whole week has been uncomfortable to my body and soul in so many ways, it hurts. literally, all i really want to do is curl up in some warm sweater (which i actually have mostly eradicated from my wardrobe because i live in a place where i almost never need them), smoke cigarettes (which i only do by day when i’m really stressed), drink coffee (or wine — i’m really torn), write blog posts/short stories (again, torn), tell everyone to eff the hell off. and you know. and just forget about everything about the real world for a minute. then, there’s all the paying for this stuff that has to happen, and it keeps me straight. sigh.

so tonight, after being a baller at work and meeting Spy and his friend for a quick drink, then jetting out so we didn’t have to pay the nanny 1,000 times extra, something quite amazing happened at home that made all the work stuff (and actually kind of everything else) disappear for a minute.


okay. this literally has never happened. in 5 years.

Parker is my dude. i adopted him in 2000, way back in the Game Girl days in Richmond. obvs, he would be the Game Cat, so we collectively named him Parker, after Parker Brothers. he is pre-Spy. he is obvs pre-Miss Girl. and he, despite the biting and salty attitude he presents to the world at large is a huge, freaking softy.

this guy has been with me through pretty much all the guys (of which Spy was one). he’s lived in hmmm . . . let’s see . . . at least 8 homes with me over this time. back in the day, he became besties with our first 2 dogs, one of whom is still with us (Clara), but is really struggling with tolerating the new generation (Lily).

and rightly so. Parker used to sleep on the pillows on top of/behind my head. i am his person. since Lily came, he never even sleeps upstairs with the family. it makes me so sad. and i try.

lately, he sits in my lap across one arm while i’m working or writing at the kitchen counter just to get a mommy-snuggle. it is a complete pain in the ass. but i get it. and i tolerate it, which leads to the award i’m giving myself!

so, seriously, tonight. for the first time ever. after months of chasing each other and pulling tails and swatting and general human/feline nonsense . . . we had huge inter-species hugs. i got my best girl and my best boy together. finally. with no crying, no scratching, no biting. just hugs. Parker  came and snuggled with us in Miss Girl’s bed for bedtime song and stories. he has never done that because usually the dogs dominate the experience. she loved it. he purred in my ear. it was actually completely magical for all involved.

it was huge. i and it took a lot of talking through from yours truly. and that is why, in a long, roundabout kind of way, i’m high-fiving myself for being the totally competent human right now who’s making the inter-species/inter-family relationships just work. and being the best mom ever. it seems little. but it’s so big.

now, back to real work. it’s gonna be a little brutal, so see y’all soon, i hope!!

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