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Blogtober 14: fall fashion

one word, people. pants. i still don’t have the pants thing figured out. this post-weight-loss shopping is totally not as fun as it sounds. but it is to be hoped that between my recent trip to the seamstress and an Old Navy order currently being processed, i will at least have that ridiculously basic problem solved by early next week . . . and can then move onto shoes.

the good thing is that fall really doesn’t start in Atlanta until, well, like right now. today was the first day that we woke up chilly and even by lunchtime, i was still wishing i’d grabbed a pashmina to throw over my . . . holycrap, now 8 year old! Banana Republic tan corduroy shirtdress — so soft and comfy, but perfectly pulled together with brown suede boots and some gold necklaces.

i guess that should tell you that i’m pretty classic when it comes to my style. i tend to buy a lot of basics that i can keep and wear for years and then just change up accessories or add a couple new trendier pieces from year to year. i also shop like a man and when i find something i like, i buy it in every color. not sure if that makes me unimaginative or lazy. anyhow, in a perfect world, with tons of time, money and a body that fits everything, these are some of the looks i’d love to be wearing right now (from Old Navy, Boden, C. Wonder, Ann Taylor and more). what are you wearing this fall?

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