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Blogtober14: favorite fall recipe/favorite photo i posted on Instagram

i mean, something’s always mixed up around here, right? so before i even knew about this whole Blogtober thing, i actually did a post about one of my favorite fall recipes, my grandmother’s apple cake. it’s delicious. grown men beg me for it. i swear. you should go look and then make you some. then make some for someone else. next thing you know, you’ll be awkwardly fending off sweet-toothed suitors with one-track minds, too.

meanwhile, my over-achievin’ ass is like well now, what the heck am i supposed to write about today? this almost got ugly. thankfully, though, thinking on my feet is a skill that manifests every once in a while. usually never in the really important times like when i need a snappy comeback to some serious BS, but still. in that moment, it was completely obvious that what i had to do was swap out today’s post for the day i already did the recipe post. October 4. brilliant.  so here we go! my fave (right now, at least) Instagram post . . .


jeez. do you ever do any posts that aren’t about your daughter? yes. apple cake. get over it.

this selfie was taken one random Sunday night during Spy’s last far east trip (which narrowly beat out Wham! ’85 for most epic China tour ever). the 2 of us doin’ our thang, trying to keep the mood light and the tantrums at bay during an extended, trying, to say the least, stint without Daddy. i love it because, despite being a terrible picture of both of us, it so perfectly captures what a ham Miss Girl is — one of the reasons i love her so very much.

assuming we get through tonight, i will have survived the dreaded Fall Break — 5 straight days without school — as a single mommy. woo-hoo! after 8 days as a duo, we are still 2 long sleeps away from being a trio again. it is hard. period. twice a year-ish, when i’m in this position, i always think of all the single mammas who do this routine 24/7/365. my hat is off to you ladies, for real. i couldn’t do it.

this picture reminds me that even when we’re alone and things seem hard . . . and she tests me, and sometimes, usually in these last few days, she breaks me, and good . . . even as she tests me, i see in her eyes how much she loves me. it also reminds me that we have a lot of fun together. a lot. we do silly girl stuff that Daddy would never. dance party? hell yes! Barbie marathon? i’ll make the popcorn! gossip about who in Pre-K is marrying whom? tell it, girl. i hope she remembers these times when she is 14 and hates me because i won’t let her wear that outfit out in public. and i hope that even then, she will deign to take a Sunday selfie with me, when Daddy is away and we’re doing whatever it is that girls’ night entails then. and i hope upon hope that the hammy-ness never dies.

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