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Blogtober14: Halloween costume reveal

i cannot even believe this is the very last post of Blogtober14 — or that i made it through all but the very beginning of the month! i’m really kind of sad it’s over! thanks so much  to Tay and Helene for doing this awesome link-up. i’ve had so much fun, met so many interesting bloggers, learned a lot about blogging and discovered a lot about myself, too. in short, a completely fun experience and i can’t wait to do it again soon!


i also cannot believe it is finally Halloween. the big reveal: Miss Girl is going as Batgirl, y’all! as you can see, she is ready to fight evil-doers and save the world. POW! i couldn’t be more proud of her. okay fine. i’m just excited she didn’t want to be Elsa, like every other 4-year-old girl on the planet! 

the house is decorated. the candy is bought (and i haven’t even sneaked one piece!). Spy is home. and we are ready for a completely epic night in the ‘hood. our neighborhood goes all out for this holiday, with tons of decorations, hordes of kids trick-or-treating and big kids cocktailing while giving out candy. given that it’s on a Friday, i’m sure the craziness will definitely get turned up a notch or two, and i just. can’t. wait.

hope everyone has fun and stays safe tonight! see you in November!

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