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Blogtober14: if i were president

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4 score and 7 years ago, i started this damn post. this prompt has been one hell of a hard one, y’all. as i said yesterday, i try not to get too political on here. but i also didn’t want to softball this one and do a “fun” post, because i think the issues are too important. finding a balance proved harder than finding a congressman in D.C. this month.

so, let me be clear: i would completely suck at being president. i can barely stomach office politics, much less world politics. never being alone in my own home makes me totally insane and i would definitely never be able to choose just one Thanksgiving turkey to pardon. that said, if i were president, i would slip into some Theory (elegant, but not extravagant), channel my best Claire Underwood, strut into the Oval Office and . . .

  1. make it legal everywhere to marry whoever you love

  2. make it illegal to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies

  3. make sure that when people go to work, they come home with a paycheck they can actually live off of

  4. make quality education affordable for everyone

  5. make certain that people of every race, gender, age and sexual orientation gets the same opportunities and the same treatment under the law

  6. make sure no one confuses corporations for people

  7. make sure science gets more credence than fantasy and religion as we make our laws

  8. make it easier for someone other than old white men to run this country

  9. make a list of a few more things i should probably tackle, but can’t think of right now because being the president is exhausting, y’all

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