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Blogtober14: letter to myself in 10 years

hey, girl. can you even believe i accepted this dumb blog challenge and am actually writing this thing? you’re probably laughing at me right now. if you’re still keeping up this blog, you’ve gotta be the oldest blogger on the planet by now. hope there’s some kind of award for that. but anyway . . . alright, this is long. so i hope you’ve got a glass of wine (i’m sure you do). because, wow. you also have a 14 year old. if Miss Girl has grown up to be anything like she is now, y’all have your hands full! hang in there. i always wonder if you have it easier or harder than i do with this 4 year old. i bet you sleep in later on the weekends, at least. bitch. i’m absolutely dying to know what she’s into now, assuming she has moved on from Disney princesses. i so hope she’s still drawing and telling great stories and making those awesome jokes. and  smiling those gorgeous smiles. does Spy do anything other than sit on the front porch with a shotgun 24/7 just to make sure no boys come around? yeah, i didn’t think so. speaking of Spy, is he still reading his newspapers, hating technology and making you laugh with the same old jokes? good. i know his quirks still makes you smile. we both know it was a long, rocky start, but our patience paid off. he turned out to be a good one, and i’m sure he’s gotten even better with age. i hope y’all have gotten at least one weekend alone in the past 10 years without Miss Girl, and that every once in a while (maybe less often than now), you still stay up way too late on school nights having cocktails, talking politics, gossiping and marveling at what a wonderful life you’ve created together. and that, afterwards, you still plate up an awesome dinner for him before bed. or that y’all bought stock in Stouffer’s. because lord knows the man is helpless without you in that department — i know that hasn’t changed. now, about you. i know you look great. i hope you’re owning it. they say women really come into their own in their 40s. i imagine everyone still thinks you’re younger than you actually are. and you still love it. have you decided when to just go grey yet? i’m pretty sure you should wait another 10 years. we’ll talk. i’m guessing you finally wrote that book and are probably working on number 2. there are movie rights in the works, yes? let me know if you need help with casting because i know you don’ t know who anyone in Hollywood is anymore. i bet it feels great to be doing your own thing and no longer be wrapped up in the drama and treadmill of agency life. do yourself a favor and book that spa weekend at the Loew’s, okay? you earned it, girl. as for me, i’m so excited for every moment between now and when i become the woman that you are. so much is going to happen and i know a lot of surprises are in store. i hope i don’t disappoint you. there is a lot to do between now and then! and i sincerely hope i’m not just profusely exhausted when i get there. i promise to keep nurturing this wonderful life, writing and buying my lottery tickets. duh. wherever we end up, it’s obviously gonna be awesome. everything’s always worked out so far, right? now, go kiss Miss Girl (if she’ll let you), kiss Spy, have a good laugh at everything we’ve been through and be glad you’re on the other side. (i so wish you could write a letter to me and tell me what i’m doing right and wrong.) keep the wine cold and i’ll see ya when i get there! xoxo Emma

The Daily Tay Blogtober14
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