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Blogtober14: who’d play me in a movie

wow. putting this together has brought up some interesting things! i’ve always, always thought Ashley Judd would play me in the amazing movie of my life. we are soul sisters in the way that Reese Witherspoon and i would total besties IRL. but Reese is way too blonde. sorry. Ashley’s down to earth. smart. Southern. Liberal. i’ve seen her be funny, serious, deep, natural. she is my it girl and we do kind of look alike. right?

but i have also, most often/most recently in my life been told i look like Megan Fox, Sasha Alexander and Jennifer Tilly (actually a lot). even, this afternoon, writing this, i asked Miss Girl who looks most like Mommy in this collection. Jennifer Tilly. though, in all seriousness, this is the same girl who claimed an African-American guy on a billboard looked like Daddy. turned out because he was wearing a suit. so . . . Jennifer’s voice and typical onscreen personas are dealbreaker, but i’m open.

i still want it to be Ashley. though, if we have younger scenes, that is a whole new casting call that i can’t even think about. and if she runs for something else in 2016, i guess Jennifer will have step in.

Helene in Between Blogtober
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