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bone of contention: pants or no pants?

okay, busted. after a 5-day streak of complete athletic awesomeness, i totally admit that i have now not worked out in 4 days. four. so while the consistency of my physical self-improvement kick swirls around in the toilet (oh yeah, the cleanse is kaput, too), i figure the least i can do is not let my writerly self-improvement kick fail miserably, as well. another day must not pass without a post. so really, the least i can do at this point (which is literally the most i can do) is tackle today’s Daily Post Daily Prompt:

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

now i know y’all might be wondering what pants have to do with any of this. pants are not complicated, right? pants certainly are not an issue worthy of debate. oh no, my friends. there, you are wrong. while some circles are hotly debating same-sex marriage, racism, police brutality, freedom of speech, religious extremism and global terrorism, there is another conversation happening that will, no doubt, shape the future of humanity: are leggings pants?

me? i fall firmly on the side of oh hell to the no on this one. no way, no how are leggings pants, nor should they be treated as such. but, for the sake of this exercise, i will imagine that it’s perfectly acceptable . . .

(photo: trend Soirée)

these ladies say it all, right? leggings don’t need to be kept in the shadows, covered up with a tunic or dress. they can totally leave the gym or a hung-over Saturday sofa sesh and stand proudly on their own as legit pants. they have 2 legs and a crotch just like all your other pants, right? they’re pretty much just the ultimate skinny pants — but more comfortable with more lycra and an elastic waist. also, as evidenced above, they come in lots of different fabrics (including heavier-wright fabrics for more coverage and support) that are appropriate for casual outfits, going out, even work. you’ll even find some these days with fancy stitching and pockets that up both their fashion quotient and wearability. so why discriminate against this ultimate sexy, flexible wardrobe staple?

whew. well that’s done. reflection? i write bullshit for a living, so that sadly didn’t actually feel that weird at all. and it certainly didn’t change my mind. there are too many compelling reasons why leggings should not be treated the same as pants. just Google it. i dare you. but don’t blame me for what you can’t unsee.

in the meantime, in case you are unclear about whether you are wearing pants, check this handy guide. keep your kooch covered and have a fantastic week, y’all!

(image: Brooklyn Momma)

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