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competetive cupcaking


if anyone had told me 3 years ago that i would have done a practice round of the cupcakes i intend to take to school for Miss Girl’s second birthday, i would have told them they were fucking insane. 3 years ago, i had no idea i would be dealing with mega-mommies who somehow find time to do things like make handmade Valentines. that’s the last time i get one-upped.

so. while i would ordinarily pick up a dozen of these and be done with it, i just could not have anyone know i’m the mommy who brought store-bought cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday celebration. i have to make sure to bring in something cute and and could not have them come out somehow totally screwed up the night before. besides, since we decided against a party because of Spy’s travel schedule and the only good (not good) party time being Easter weekend, i figured it was the least i could do. (mind you, i’ve also got Spy’s birthday and Easter to plan for all within a 4-day span.)

so with a practice round under my belt and 48 of these babies ready to go for tomorrow, i ‘m pretty damn proud.

full disclosure: i’m totally not baking from scratch, but i’m quite certain 2 year olds are not going to know that. and semi-homemade’s got to count for something, right? here’s the scoop:


Duncan Hines butter recipe in chocolate and yellow. added:

  1. extra egg

  2. box of chocolate/white chocolate instant pudding

  3. subbed milk for water


Pillsbury classic white frosting with gobs and gobs of cornstarch added to thicken.

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