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finding Pennies

for several months now, we’ve been telling Miss Girl we would get a new dog. ever since dear Maury went to the great puppy pasture in the sky a couple years ago, our home has felt like something’s missing. something about the combination of 2 dogs and a cat just always felt perfect. and an equal ratio of animals to humans just seems right, somehow.

so in December, we told her we could get a dog in the vague period of time “after Christmas,” hoping that would placate her ’til oh, maybe sometime around June. at least. the more time to prepare for this imminent chaos, the better. she decided at that point, quite matter of factly, that the dog should be named Pennies. and about 2 weeks ago, right on cue, when the rosy glow of yuletide cheer began to wane, the constant belting out of Christmas carols magically transformed into the the constantly repeated question “Mommy, when are we going to get Pennies?”

well tomorrow, we are going to get Pennies. we have been browsing online through various local rescue organizations, but have decided to start in earnest the good old fashioned way and go to the shelter to see who’s there. i think the interaction will be a way better experience than simply “shopping” the way we’d shop for a pair of shoes. below are some of the cuties who have melted our hearts so far. can you even believe how adorable these girls are?! who is your favorite? fingers crossed, y’all — i hope to have a new family member to introduce next time i check in here! stay tuned . . .

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